Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yuba Day

In the Summer, we usually swim at the South Yuba River. The water is refreshing on a hot, humid day.
This is the view, looking south/west, from the old bridge.

Christy's slathers herself with sunscreen.......

and so does Joy.....and for that fact, everyone does.

Tired, Christy?
(In case you have not noticed, in a lot of pictures, Christy loooooves the color Aqua)

Joy, you love pink don't you?

Hey, Clark

Smile, Miah........yeah

Miah and Cacey

Hangout Place

Our favorite hangout place to read and study is Starbucks.
Need coffee, Miah?

Need more coffee, Miah?

Yeah. It helps me.......


Ipod Girl


Christy, have a drink of my expresso.........

Ahhh........you look a little perkier


Mom studying

Friday, July 27, 2007

Our Two Babies: Jed & Katie

Uncle Miah and Katie

Mommy and Katie

Well, I think........


Jed and Katie
Ha, got you! Now just try to get away from me...........
Good night, sleep tight........

Now..............how do I keep her up?

I wonder........


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Highlights From This Week

Jeremiah flew out this past Friday. Saturday was Cacey's Birthday, but we celebrated it on Friday evening. Everyone was there except Caleb. We had Spare Ribs, String Beans and Cheesy Potatoes. Cacey went and bought a small Ice Cream Cake. Unfortunately, we forgot candles, but Cacey did not care, so we just used 9 regular, little medium sized, scented candles. Then on Saturday night we went to the rodeo which Grass Valley has every year. Okay........here is what Miah really looks like, opposed to that gorilla picture........I still think they look similar.

Miah just home from the airport

Pictures from the Birthday Party

Miah caught

Joy and Jenny

Clark and Joy

Miah and Clark watching Christy play on the Upright Bass
Interesting expressions.

Christy playing at Cacey's birthday

Jed, with his new haircut, trying to get Cacey to give him some cake right away, but she bypassed him until the end.

Jed with a full tummy of cake

Jed really liked the Sparkling Apple Cider

Birthday Girl

Beautiful candles, huh?

Cutting the cake

Everyone anticipating cake, especially Jed

Miah enjoying the Spare Ribs

Christy and Jill

Monday, July 16, 2007

At Sea

Caleb and Jeremiah are in the Merchant Marines at Texas A&M.

Cabe on watch looking out from the bridge of the ship on his way to Subic Bay in the Philippines.

Most recent picture of Jeremiah (minus the uniform). He thinks he's pretty gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!

Today is Uncle Mike's Birthday!

Here are a few unknown and interesting facts about him:

1. He used to like to snow ski (now he justs golfs).
2. We are always tired after we see him because he fills every minute of our time together with cultural activities.
3. He is a great attorney.
4. He stores his birthday cards from us (unopened) with his bills (they must be very important to him).
5. He loves to travel.
6. He cooks healthy elegant dinners (candles and wine, etc.) with Aunt Kathryn.
7. His laugh is memorable and comes from down deep inside him (Christy can imitate it perfectly).
8. He looooooooooves hot chocolate (we always have some when we are with him).
9. We miss him.
10.We love you Uncle Mike.

Brent and Suz, Jeremiah, Cacey, Christy, Joy, Clark, and Jill.
Cabe and Beth, Jed and Katie

Sunday, July 15, 2007

We're Back!

We have been very busy lately. (Kind of a silly statement, considering we are always busy as most people are.) So, these are only a few of the pictures from the dozens of photos I had to choose from that Christy and Joy took. Christy and Joy have kept their end of the deal, which was that they would provide the pictures, providing that I posted them consistently everyday.....Oh, well...........................no one is perfect.

Uncle Clark and Katie
Katie has been smiling a lot at everyone.

Christy drinking iced coffee

Joy (she took all of these pictures. Well, most of them.)

Joy and Jill

Cacey and Christy talking and sewing



Christy and Jill


Beth had been painting the deck. As you can see Jed was never very far from mommy.
Beth and Jed (easy painting this way)

Aunt Jenny and Jed

Mommy and Jed