Sunday, June 19, 2011

Long Live My Father

If you had not mentioned fathers day, I would not have given a thought to it or whether or not anyone contacted me.

Such conjured-up days give opportunities for trouble, hard feelings, depression, raking up of old oversites, and self degeneration.

Holiday is the old word for holy day.

Holy days are for remembering God not men.

That is why they are (were) called holy.

Further, when holy days were first called holy days the word holy carried the idea of making somebody whole, that is, giving back to (in this case) to God that which was taken from him.

Further, as to men, "wholesome" means health. To be made whole is to be restored to health. The latin is salutory, meaning wholesome or health. Thus when the Paul says "salute the brethern," he means to wish them health.

But here is father's day nonetheless; we should wish our father's good health. Long live my father.

-Brent Allan Winters

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